Combine harvester working a field

The Scottish Government funds the Whole Farm Review Scheme (WFRS), with at least 80% funding towards an independent appraisal of your business.

This amounts to a minimum of £1900 worth of advice. The consultant who carries out the WFRS must be an accredited adviser under the Farm Business Adviser Accreditation Scheme for Scotland (FBAASS). All three consultants at our office are accredited and able to carry out Whole Farm Reviews.

The WFRS can be beneficial to any business looking for a new direction, looking to improve financial and physical performance, seeking to diversify or even just as an objective appraisal to assess how your business is performing. A detailed financial and physical review will be undertaken, looking at your accounts analysis, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, followed through with examining options suitable for you and for your business. Other topics which will be covered include succession planning, renewable energy opportunities and an environmental audit.

The WFRS is an extremely useful tool for assisting clients looking to change farming policy, preparing for the impact of CAP Reform or considering undertaking a new business venture.

Please contact Bryan, Steve or James for further information