Wind turbine against the sky at dusk

The access to natural resources by farming and landowning clients has meant that the renewable energy sector can offer significant rural business diversification opportunities.

This can be by clients developing and operating their own projects, joint ventures or simply leasing sites to energy companies.

The popularity of wind turbines, biomass boilers and micro hydro schemes has proven a successful means of reducing costs and earning income for an increasing number of clients. Some are also looking to invest in new sources of renewable energy such as anaerobic digestors and solar PV panels as a result of the introduction of Feed in Tariffs (FITs).

We can assist clients in a number of ways, including:

  • independently appraising the options and returns on investment
  • preparing business plans for borrowing purposes,
  • advising on and negotiating option agreements
  • sign-posting reputable specialist renewable consultants for larger scale projects

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Please contact James for further information on how we can assist with grants, renewable energy project appraisals or business plans. Note that in most cases, grant funding and FITs cannot be obtained on the same project, but you should seek independent professional advice on this before proceeding with any project.