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Most new agri-environment measures and schemes are applied for under the SRDP. There are a range of options and payment rates available, which can include grassland management for birds, hedgerow management, wild bird seed, arable reversion to grassland, species rich grassland, moorland management and woodland creation. Annual management payments are available for these options, along with capital payments for associated items such as fencing, hedge planting and woodland planting.

The maintenance and improvement of the condition of designated sites such as SSSIs and SACs is important in the scoring process, and we can provide advice on the best way to apply, detailed management plans (collaborative where necessary) for moorland, deer, predator control and bracken.
We can also prepare small scale woodland proposals, and sub-contract in specialist forestry advisers to prepare larger schemes.

The scheme is competitive, and currently has no financial ceiling per business. The firm has successfully applied for over 120 such proposals, gaining significant experience in the mechanics of the scoring system, the detail required for a successful application and the claims process.

Contact James for further information on how to apply, chances of success and general environmental advice.


Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) legislation places a considerable record keeping burden on farmers lying within these zones. The firm has developed its own NVZ recording programme, which is used for both our retained management and consultancy clients to provide easy to read fertiliser records, fertiliser plans and Risk Assessment Maps which meet SGRPID Cross Compliance requirements – remember these are required to secure your Single Farm Payment!

Please contact James, Bryan or Steve for further information on how we can assist with NVZ record keeping.

Organic Farming

Whilst there are still a few legacy organic aid and maintenance schemes in place, any new funding must be applied for under the SRDP. Funding can be obtained for organic conversion and organic maintenance, with payments based on annual management payments over five years for various categories of land.

We are involved in day to day organic farm management, and can provide SRDP advice, prepare applications, assist with record keeping and assist with organic conversion and management plans.

Contact James for further information on how to apply for SRDP funding or general organic farming advice.

Woodland & Forestry

The firm are involved in small scale woodland creation and management, generally through the SRDP , but can call upon the services of professionals in the woodland sector, with whom we have excellent working relationships, to provide guidance and advice on any aspect of woodland creation and management.

Please contact Steve or James for further information on how we can assist with farm and estate woodlands.